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Welcome to the 2013-2014 SmartDrive Program!
SmartDrive's scholarship contest is closed until August 1, 2014 when it will open for the 2014-2015 school year. Students wishing to earn an insurance discount may enroll online in our "Students" area and complete the defensive driving course until June 30, 2014. SmartDrive will be closed for maintenance from July 1 to July 31, 2014.

Look for SmartDrive at public events this summer!

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SmartDrive is a free, online defensive driving course certified by the Delaware Insurance Commissionerís Office. It is the only FREE, online defensive driving program with an insurance discount benefit in the region.

Its mission is simple, to reduce loss of life and property in senseless motor vehicle crashes by providing education, positive reinforcement and raising awareness among drivers via online and hands on skills training courses. SmartDrive works hand in hand with parents and schools to reach young drivers through assemblies, in school lunch recruitments, after school programs, and community events. SmartDrive offers insurance discounts, scholarships, incentives and Prom or After Prom money to reward students and schools for positive choices and outstanding performance. SmartDrive, is in its eighth year of operation and has served over 50,000 students in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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We are proud to debut SmartDrive's PROMise video featuring SmartDrive students from AP English and the National Honor Society of Ursuline Academy and Salesianum School in Wilmington, DE. The students, guided by their teachers, Mrs. Sylvia and Ms. Williams, wrote, edited, staged, created sets and acted in this production as part of their Martin Luther King Day of Service 2014.

Will you PROMise?

Click here for the 2014 PROMise winners.

SmartDrive is now a United Way of Delaware Designation Write-in Agency! United Way of Delaware participants, enter "SmartDrive" and our code #12834. (Valid through United Way of Delaware only).

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The Perfect 10 Driving Tips
  1. Be alert at all times while making a variety of maneuvers.
  2. Be adept at speeding up, slowing down, changing lanes, turning and stopping under varying conditions.
  3. Be aware of other motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, road signs, road hazards and road and weather conditions.
  4. Exercise good driving judgment at all times so that decisions are timely and sound.
  5. Pay attention your body, don't take the wheel if you are tired or feeling sick and NEVER, EVER take the wheel if impaired by drugs, legal, illegal or over the counter, or alcohol.
  6. Manage your driving environment -- this includes your passengers -- to minimize unnecessary distractions and devote your full attention to the task at hand.
  7. Maintain the appropriate driving attitude -- don't be aggressive, emotionally distracted, or rushed when you take the wheel. The wrong attitude can be devastating.
  8. Maintain your vehicle. You wouldn't leave the house without brushing your teeth, that's personal hygiene. Adopt an attitude of good vehicle "hygiene" keep your car clean, fueled, and check things like tire inflation, light operation, fluid levels and investigate promptly any unusual sounds or warning signals -- it's your car's way of telling you something's unsafe.
  9. Practice defensive driving. Defensive driving simply means anticipating danger to avoid accidents.
  10. Make sure you and your passengers ALWAYS wear your seatbelts. Take a moment to check, it could save lives.

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